Mysteries of the White Rose

White Rose Mystery Retreat

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White Rose Mystery Retreat

White Rose Mystery Retreat

8th - 15th September, 2022

Les Contes, nr Montsegur, Ariege, Southern France

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White Rose Mystery Retreat

2022 ushers in the re-emergence of the White Rose Mystery School, a tradition the Pyrenees has known since time immemorial. This  independant mystical lineage does not need or seek permission or recognition from any other source.nMany have walked this path leaving profound traces of their Wisdom in secret repositories located in the mountains of the Pyrenees. This Wisdom Tradition is concealed in impenetrable mountains, hidden in fairy dells, held in deep, dark caves and guarded by mysterious powers that intimately sense the history of the seeker.

'What am I protecting?' I lightly ask as I teeter on the edge of knowing. Moments later when I meet that which I am protecting, I realise my protection is the work of a midwife ushering in. 'Does this which is being born need protection?' I whisper. That which is coming needs no protection, but 'you' are to discern who can or cannot wittness the birth'.

So many of us can feel the monumental rising of consciousness in every direction we turn. Being here at the bottom of Montsegur, the ancient heartland of the Cathars, it is profoundly evident that the natural world is gearing up for something huge.  At Les Contes, we have a “Spirit Door” , an entranceway for the mountain gods and goddesses to use as they walk back and forth between the worlds. This was confirmed to us by a man of Aboriginal descent and left behind as a tale by the second to last owners of this property.

There is a known myth that the High peaks surrounding Montsegur are home to a dragon, and people have said there is a water dragon in our Source de Belisama. This would make sense, considering the origins of this source is coming from Mt Soulerac the Cathar Holy Mountain where the Dragon lives. So when I say, the Coming of the World Mother as a Dragon - then you know what the White Rose Mystery School consists of. 


Three primary directives reveal the lineage of this tradition:

  1. To hold back the evil of the world
  2. To renew the world and midwife its redemption
  3. To participate in the healing of the world.

The White Rose is an emblem for now. The Rose symbolises the one who has "Rose" from the dead or ignorance of the body and its hidden dimensions.

Our Retreat will take us to six different locations in the area connected to Mary Magdalene, the Cathars, the Fairy Kingdom and the Druids. Our day begins with Sacred Body Wisdom, a movement based therapy that is astonishingly feminine and compatible with the birth we are all going through.  The end of the day will be spoent in the Notre Dame de Sophia (chapel to the side of the house) to share, pray and integrate the day's experiences. 

Anaiya Sophia has recently undertaken the responsibility of re-establishing the White Rose Mystery School. A Mystery School facilitated by the land and anointed by mystical fire. Continuing with the work that Mary Magdalene left behind in France, this Mystery School ceaselessly watches over the world, protecting it from a disastrous fate.

The White Rose Mystery School unravels as an initiatory process of ever-deepening levels of experience. The locations of this mystery school are scattered throughout the Occitan region of Southern France and Northern Spain. The gates of these depositories open wide, like a book, ready to endow the emerging sacred heart with timely knowledge, that in turn, will distil into Wisdom.


Price includes:  Accommodation at Les Contes www.lescontes.eu

Breakfast, Supper and Transportation. 


Experiences will include:  Sacred Body Wisdom, Sacred Body Awakening, Myrhhophore Ministry and Gnostic Contemplation/Transmissions 


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