Wilsons Way

Wilson's Way

Wilson's Way

An Inner and Outer Journey

Join Anaiya Sophia and Pete Wilson on a week of discovery and relevation in the Occitan region of Southern France. This region is known for its connection with Mary Magdalene, the Cathar's, Knight Templar's, Troubadour's and the Knights of the Round Table. For centuries there have been "Grail Hunter's" coming to this land digging here and there looking for this mystical chalice... little did they know it was right under their nose! 

Weaving together their gifts, Anaiya will set the tone every morning with her 'legendary' Kundalini Yoga classes, while Pete will keep an eye on the day's route. Together they expose us to the mysteries of Sacred France. 

The routes we will be using are an ancient network of centuries old pathways.  Some of them are well known routes, such as the Sentier Cathare (Cathar Pathway) and the Sentier Bons Hommes (Pathway of the Good Man) whilst others are ones that they have pieced together.

So, come and join us for an all-out adventure for those who love the mystery and are ready to Receive IT…

Wilson's Way was an astonishingly transformative journey, both inside and out. Pete & Anaiya facilitated such a beautiful and profound space to unwind, heal and restore. The yoga sessions in the morning raised some very deep themes/issues, which were then able to be processed out on the walking trails. The stunning scenery of the Langue d'Oc provided such a healing balm and opportunity to commune in silence with each other. I will be eternally grateful for my loving and loyal guides, Pete & Anaiya, for helping me to make this enormous journey. I cannot recommend the retreat highly enough!

- R. Wells, UK

About Pete Wilson

Pete is an ex-infantry solder (Grenadier Guards) with a 30-year background in Mountain Activities such as Cross-Country Skiing, Skiing, as well as Climbing, Kayaking and Mountain Biking.   He is well equipped for any kind of unexpected situation, keeping a cool head at all times.  (“I can vouch for that” – says Anaiya).

About Anaiya Sophia

Anaiya is a yoga teacher of nearly 20 years, and an author of six books on the Sacred Feminine. She has an extensive knowledge of the local region, especially the myths, legends and traditions.  She is a natural adventurer and is at home when she is outdoors.

Together they are your guides. 

What Could Happen: 

  • Sleeping in Caves? Check!
  • Walking Centuries Old Pathways? Absolutely 
  • Swimming in Lakes and Rivers?  Most likely 
  • Storytelling around Camp Fires? Mmmm depends on time of the year
  • Sleeping on the battlements of Chateau's?  Yep
  • Deep Peace and Quiet?  A Big Yes
  • Time to unwind?  Finally...
  • Inner Marriage Yoga with Anaiya?  Hell Yeah 
  • Thought provoking Contemplations?  Always
  • Baptism in Mary Magdalene's Fountain of Love?  It could happen
  • and so much more... things we cannot simply predict.

Our 2017 Wilson's Way:

  • Wilson's Way:  Spring Green 12th-19th May 
  • Wilson's Way:  Midsummer 30th June – 7th July
  • Wilson's Way:  Sorchio 7th – 14th August
  • Wilson's Way:  Indian Summer 7th – 14th September
  • Wilson's Way:  Days of Autumn  7th – 14th October

Typical Programme:

  • 7.30am - Kundalini Yoga with Anaiya
  • 9am - Breakfast
  • 10am - Departure (Adventure)
  • 6.30pm - Restorative Yoga
  • 7pm - Supper
  • 8pm - Winding Down

Other information

  • Nearest Airports:  Carcassonne or Toulouse
  • Nearest Train Station: Carcassonne
  • We can pick you up and drop you off at the airport.  Toulouse is a 2 hr drive (€80) and Carcassonne 1hr (€60).

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