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Wordsmiths, Scribes & Storytellers Writers Retreat

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Wordsmiths, Scribes & Storytellers Writers Retreat

Wordsmiths, Scribes & Storytellers Writers Retreat

15th - 22nd October, 2021

Les Contes, Ariege, Southern France

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 940.00

Couples full fee:
GBP £ 1,500.00

Wordsmiths, Scribes & Storytellers Writers Retreat

This writing retreat is for writers, authors, poets, scribes, bloggers, screen, and songwriters, who need a creative haven to find their inner voice, develop their craft, and begin or complete their story. Uncertain times bring along with them a lot of uncertain plans. While we can’t predict what the future holds, maybe venturing outside the city and crowded areas can finally be the cure for our writing problems. This is where Les Contes in the French Pyrenees comes in.  Within our seven days together we will be creatively reborn!  That I can assure you. It is time for Wordsmiths, Scribes and Storytellers to gather - to make sense of this evolving age, leaving behind nuggets of herstory that are accurate, true and resonant of our times. 


Experience the transformative power of the French Pyrennes a place dedicated to a continuous feminine lineage that the mountains have known forever. This place is shrouded in Myth, Legend and Lore and only too happy to support our creative endeavours. Relax deeply in the ancient practises of Yoga, Sacred Oils, Prayer and Natural Rejuenvination as we release physical and emotional blockages with Malika Yoga, a form of yoga I have developed to re-connect with our true voice and tap into our inner wisdom through writing as we re-energize ourselves in the vibrant environment of Les Contes. 


Being an author myself we will be working with the Sacred Union blueprint.  Enhancing and allowing our feminine intuition, creativity and imagination to flow freely, while also strengthening and committing to the masculine elements of discipline, self-motivation and planning. To birth anything into the world, we need the power of our masculine and feminine selves. Our days together will be made up of Yoga, Storytelling, two writing sessions a day, walking in nature and developing our sense to really, see, hear and touch the invisible, and then be able to articulate and express it - in such a way that others are transformed. Every day we will go deeper, as we let go of the constraints and concerns of daily life as we step into the 'otherworld' where the voice of inspiration speaks to us, the well of creativity opens as our sacred work reveals itself in astonishing clarity and ease of expression. 


Our Retreat will be in Anaiya's new home, Les Contes, close to the Chateau de Montsgeur in the French Pyrennes. This enormous house holds a very special energy that is connected to Mary Magdalene the Book of Love and her spiritual descendants, the Cathars. 


*Space may be limited to respect social distancing. Safety Protocols for COVID-19 will be in effect for this retreat making this event safe and respectful. The majority of our time will be spent outside.  Our new venue can accommodate 19 people in separate rooms.* 


This week-long journey is £940.00 and will be held in our NEW! home in Southern France that has a Chapel, Spring and Cave at the bottom of Montsegur.  You can also pay in cash on arrival. 

There are three journeys this year, all located in our home in the South of France.  


  • Venue:  Les Contes, Fougax-et-Barrieneuf,  Nr Montsegur, Ariege, France
  • Price: £940.00
  • Open to: Men and Women 
  • Fly Into: Toulouse or Carcassonne.

Anaiya Sophia is a Mystical Storyteller, Shepherdess and Author of Revelatory Wisdom. She (used to) teach workshops throughout the world and is best known for the creation of Sacred Body Awakening. Known for showing up as a trailblazing resource of unapologetic truth and transparent courage, her heart is both fierce and tender.  She carries an oral message that stirs the remembrance of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without the need for permission or recognition from any other source.

Our Journey will include:

  • Malika Yoga 
  • Two  3-hr Writing Sessions a Day 
  • Walks in Nature 
  • Storytelling
  • Presentation, Articulation and "How To" 

Other information

  • Nearest Airports:  Carcassonne or Toulouse
  • Nearest Train Station: Foix or Carcassonne
  • Retreat Begins: 6 pm
  • Retreat Finishes:  11 am
  • We can pick you up and drop you off at the airport.  Toulouse is a 2 hr drive (€100), Carcassonne 90 mins (€80) or Foix 40 mins (€80) 












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