Gnostic Mind

The Book of Love

Join many of us on Mary Magdalene's Feast Day for a transmission bursting with grace! The Book of Love is a gospel written by Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, that…


Rebel Virgins and Desert Mothers Transmission

Let us meet the Virgin Rebels and Desert Mothers and receive a transmission and a half from these wild women who have been written out of Christianity’s early history. Many of…


Energetic Walkthrough of Les Contes

One thing I have noticed dear friends is how Les Contes really comes to life on the Full Moon! OMG, it is a full-on energetic firework display of movement, noise,…


Mary Magdalene: The Golden Legend

There is a Golden Legend about Mary Magdalene that says she was 'lifted up by the angels seven times a day for heavenly food". This ascending/descending experience took place in…


The Last Goodbye: Grief Ritual - Tomorrow at 6pm

Dear hearts, Tonight we planned for a grief ritual on the Full Moon, but since tomorrow is still in this energy, and is New Year's Eve, Anaiya feels it wise…


Great Conjunction Gateway

Winter Solstice 2021 Transmission This rare and prophesied major planetary conjunction will take us to the next transformational stage of life on Earth when Saturn and Jupiter both move into…


Three Nights of Mystery:  Sacred Vigil

For three powerful nights, let's enter a vigil, to be impeccably present in the deepest prayer imaginable as we witness and be accountable to everything both inner and outer during…


Earth Dragon

Following on from the last transmission, Dragon Medicine will take us deeper still into all that is now happening upon and within this earth. To begin with we will encounter…


13 Stars of Sophia

During this transmission we will journey into the 12 Stars of Sophia’s Crown and their corresponding Earth Gates on the earth, and our own Star Centres in our womanly body.…


Touch of Gnosis

Where we live is known as the Venus Pentagram, The Zone or the Other World. Ite geometric design and tectonic energy create a living, breathing Eden, a utopia that streams…


Loving the Hell Out of Yourself

This is the sacred offering from the Dark Mother whose time has come. The Election of Donald Trump, Standing Rock, the Genocide of Animals and a large chunk of nature…


Calling In Our Higher Purpose

Beloved Friends, it is my honour to share with you the vision, the prayer, the consciousness and the higher love that opens the doors and orchestrates the vision of this…



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