Gnostic Mind

Fearing Infidelity

Beloved Friends, this transmission is not only a healing balm upon the scar tissue of actual betrayal but also a victory cry to the 'influence' that tempts us to fear…


Initiation of Light

For each of us on the Path of serving the Sacred Feminine there will come a time when you will meet the antithesis of all that She represents. There shall…


Opening the Temple Doors

There will come a time when you have to stand proud of what you represent. In the face of possible hostility and opposition you will be called to open your…


Healing the (S)mother Wound

During this transmission we will journey together into the uncomfortable and often avoided realm of the 'smother' energy of the distorted mother archetype. We you look at the word 'smother'…


Temple of the Soul

This is the activation to accompany the Magdalene Code transmission of the same title.


Connecting With Your Inner Oracle

“The Oracle” is not a Priestess – but a place, and that place is your Primordial Womb. Deep inside the Womb’s inner sanctum lives the voice of the Oracle, a…


Holy Womb

This first transmission is intended to transmute all negative and contracted forces within the womb and your sexuality.  Including all forms of sexual and childbirth trauma and all forms…


Holy Voice

Using this second August Full Moon to work with the throat, our expression and our desire to commit to 100% truth, always. This time we will be using the Sophian…


Holy Heart

The Holy Heart prayer is an initiation into surrender and humility. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our broken hearts, tears,  fears, worries, pains, grief, sorrows and loneliness…


Holy Desire

The Holy Desire prayer is an initiation to ignite the flames of the Holy Trinity (Womb, Heart and Soul) in honour of our victorious atonement with The Logos/God.  Arriving…



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