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Cathar Initiation Caves - the Eglise

The Cathar Initiation Caves at Ornolac in the Ariege region of Southern France continue to beckon the spiritual travellers to their initiatory door. This three-part cave complex houses the Eglise (Church), the Hermit and the Bethlehem Cave. These underground retreats, places of meeting with the 'Almighty Creative Essence', offered ...


Holy Heart

The Holy Heart prayer is an initiation into surrender and humility. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our broken hearts, tears,  fears, worries, pains, grief, sorrows and loneliness…


Holy Voice

Using this second August Full Moon to work with the throat, our expression and our desire to commit to 100% truth, always. This time we will be using the Sophian…


Holy Womb

This first transmission is intended to transmute all negative and contracted forces within the womb and your sexuality.  Including all forms of sexual and childbirth trauma and all forms…


Holy Desire

The Holy Desire prayer is an initiation to ignite the flames of the Holy Trinity (Womb, Heart and Soul) in honour of our victorious atonement with The Logos/God.  Arriving…


Holy Communion (Bridal Chamber Ritual)

The Holy Sophia is the "Wisdom" within you that arouses the desire to pray. Her innate wisdom 'that knows' that it is only the Nameless One (God at the height…


Holy Mind

The Holy Mind prayer is an initiation into Truth and loyalty to that Truth. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our fears, confusion, doubts, worries, fragmentation,multiple aspects, duality,…


Holy Purpose

The Holy Purpose prayer is an initiation into clear seeing and unquestionable clarity of being. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our lostness, scatteredness, chaotic movements, inconsistency, erratic…


The Holy Bride

There is a need for a Divine Feminine influence and power of womanhood in the world today.  This transmission is one stream of consciousness among many proclaiming the Mother…


Kiss of the Crone

Ooo beloved friends... let’s meet the Crone. With great respect and pounding heart lets walk into the dark embrace of a cave, to meet a fully palpable, utterly undeniable…


The Venus Temple

The Venus Temple is situated at a place known as La Pique, which is the centre-point of this Venus Temple pentagram (as written about in Henry Lincoln's, Holy Blood, Holy…


The Throne of Isis

The Throne of Isis is an ancient stone seat embedded in the earth and surrounded by what can only be described as a “Lord of the Rings” enchanted forest. …



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