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Magdalene's Feast Day

Assumption of the Feminine


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Holy Sophia Feast Day

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Assumption of the Feminine

According to C.G. Jung, the day of the Assumption of Mary relates to a 'natural' phenomenon of the archetypal feminine that continues to appear in successive experiences of a revelatory nature. In other words, this day... is the day where the veil between Her and Us, is the thinnest! So let us open to Her on this day.

Traditionally the Assumption of Mary is the day when Mother Mary ascended into Heaven after her earthly life.

The story of Sophia/sacred feminine is the story of our own soul. Her ascent follows her descent, but like our own journey, it is not an easy climb. The descent is like a lightning flash, but the ascent is a slow and winding path. The Logos (masculine principle) does not reach down and immediately pull Sophia out of the chaos of the lower worlds. Her assumption back into the Higher states is a gradual and incremental process. The Redeeming force of the Logos raises her just a little at first. She is aware that things are better, that her tormenters, the archons are farther from her, but she does not know who her helper is, nor can she see him. Eventually, after several incremental steps out of the chaos of matter, the Helper is revealed to her. She sees the Logos revealed in all his dazzling glory. At first, she feels ashamed and covers herself with a veil, but when she sees the virile emanations of his light-power, she can hold back no longer and rushes to his embrace.

In their ecstatic reunion, a fountain of light-sparks pours forth between them, which showers the world with its redemptive seed to empower all of the exiled light of Sophia to return to the Height. With their reunion consummated in the bridal chamber, he finally brings toward her rightful place, where she realises - she never really left...

And therein lies the medicine.... 


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