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FREE! Darkening of the Light


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FREE! Darkening of the Light

FREE! Darkening of the Light

Beloved Friends, on this traditional eve of All Hallows let us take this journey together into our possible future. The Extinction of Humankind. Let us witness the devastation that could unleash itself and Stand as SHE. This level of transmission is for those of us who could, in our imaginal realms, take on this level of witnessing and stand upon the surface of this earth emitting our essence deep down into Her soul.

Why would we do such a thing? Because, should this happen, we shall already be there in the comforting realms for us all. A 'witness' is a very important role. It is a mystical role. And a witness with a deep and caring heart - makes all the difference to the journey. 
If you are truly available to take this journey with me - please meet me in this place. On behalf of us all, the animals, nature, elemental realms and all the things that we do not understand - yet know depend upon our planet to live...

Many of us know this could be true, and this transmission would serve:

  • The ease of denial around this subject
  • Opening your heart to Life
  • The courage to stand as She (neither male nor female)
  • The coming to terms with what could be…
  • Creating a space for true forgiveness and rest
  • Rebuilding a genuine place of trust, love and connection
  • YOUR Connection to an Ancient Feminine Mystery that is orchestrating ALL of this - for a reason

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