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Earth Dragon


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Earth Dragon

New Moon

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Earth Dragon

Following on from the last transmission, Dragon Medicine will take us deeper still into all that is now happening upon and within this earth. To begin with we will encounter the Earth Dragons who live in hill or mountain cores. These Dragons are becoming active again on Earth and many are returning to their legendary locations (France, UK, Europe, America’s etc) after many years of being in hiding.  After that we will explore the Ice Dragons, Fire Dragons, Water Dragons and Air Dragons.

Earth Dragons were physically incarnate for a period of time on planet Earth but now only live in the Elemental realms having retreated from the physical realm for protection. Earth Dragons are wary Elementals and they do not trust humans very much. Working with Dragons is not for the faint-hearted!

Dragon Medicine will be a series of Transmissions that introduces us, one at a time to the most prominent Dragons I have currently come across.  Perhaps, because of this series, more will reappear?  I suspect so…


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