Gnostic Mind Transmissions:

Energetic Walkthrough of Les Contes


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Energetic Walkthrough of Les Contes

Full Moon

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Energetic Walkthrough of Les Contes

One thing I have noticed dear friends is how Les Contes really comes to life on the Full Moon! OMG, it is a full-on energetic firework display of movement, noise, happenings and energy, energy and even more energy. The otherworldly presence surges through the house as the full moon glows overhead unhindered by any pollution! It is like living on the set of a fantasy movie.

This transmission would introduce you to what is here, and from my understanding, align you with this essence before you come, so that you are already in cahoots so to speak, becoming primed and ready to receive your ‘great gift’ from this land!

This house is connected to:


  • Francis of Assisi
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Notre Dame de Sophia 
  • Joan of Arc 
  • Archangel Micheal 

that's just to name a few... as every room is dedicated to a saint. 


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