Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Sacred Shadow

Fearing Infidelity


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Fearing Infidelity

Fearing Infidelity

Beloved Friends, this transmission is not only a healing balm upon the scar tissue of actual betrayal but also a victory cry to the 'influence' that tempts us to fear and be attracted by infidelity in the first place. Infidelity is a shadow pattern based on 3 aspects: Entitlement, Betrayal and naively/knowingly taking what is not yours to take. 

Even those in open/poly relationships still opt for secret infidelities. Therefore this tendency is not about permission, but more about perversion? This transmission leads us into a space within ourselves where we can face it, all 3 aspects and take our part into the healing of this age old egoic trait. 
This transmission is about taking action, following your authentic truth, releasing all that is out of alignment with love, doing what you know you need to do, despite fear or uncertainty. It's about having courage and dedication to lift yourself up over and over again to go forth shining your beautiful heart, transforming our world with your authenticity.

Together, let's enter the places we have feared to tread, bringing with us our consciousness and relaxation. We cannot heal this alone, only in community can these age-old wounds be laid to rest.

This Transmission would serve:

  • The precious easing of the tension and anxiety connected to this subject
  • The courage to restore closed off pieces of yourself
  • The wiping clean of guilt, shame and regret
  • Creating a space for true forgiveness and rest
  • Rebuilding a genuine place of trust
  • YOUR Connection to an Ancient Feminine Mystery that is orchestrating ALL of this - for a reason

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