Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Fierce Feminine Transmissions

Fierce Feminine Transmissions - 6 Transmissions



Fierce Feminine Transmissions - 6 Transmissions

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Fierce Feminine Transmissions - 6 Transmissions

Beloved Friends, these are the Fierce Feminine Transmissions that are embedded within my new book.  My feeling is that these are to be made available to you NOW.

These powerful transmissions summon the dark goddess within. The Fierce Feminine or Dark Mother is not a person, but instead our universal, individual, and collective expressed outrage. She is rising collectively now, especially within women, and has a unique and individual expression for each of us. We cannot truly grasp what this is unless we allow Her to authentically rise within us.

This is the savage grace of the Fierce Feminine, as the true beauty of Her transmission is given only in authentic surrender.

Receive all 6 Transmissions:

  • Darkening of the Light
  • Free Our Voice
  • Kali: Sacred Rage
  • Kiss of the Crone
  • Summoning the Fecund Fierce Feminine
  • The Original Rape

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