Gnostic Mind Transmissions:

Healing the (S)mother Wound


GBP £ 11.00

Healing the (S)mother Wound

Healing the (S)mother Wound

During this transmission we will journey together into the uncomfortable and often avoided realm of the 'smother' energy of the distorted mother archetype. We you look at the word 'smother' in the dictionary it means to kill, to extinguish and to cover over/up. Many of us know this energy, and this transmission would serve:

  • A safe and sacred space to confront the insidious nature of feminine smothering
  • The clear site of fake 'sweetness', false caring and sophisticated manipulation
  • The courage to not accept it when it comes - but own our own sovereignty
  • To undo an aspect of the Mother Wound
  • To take the golden key from under our Mother's pillow (for men)
  • To Be woman, rather than helpless daughter
  • The Retrieval of your spiritual authority
  • Choosing autonomy
  • Awakening your voice, defining your choices, aligning with Self
  • A necessary Rite of Passage

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