Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Path of Sophia

Holy Communion (Bridal Chamber Ritual)


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Holy Communion (Bridal Chamber Ritual)

Holy Communion (Bridal Chamber Ritual)

The Holy Sophia is the "Wisdom" within you that arouses the desire to pray. Her innate wisdom 'that knows' that it is only the Nameless One (God at the height of His Majesty), that can restore our sight (ignorance). Sophia is the 'cry' of our prayers, the inner voice that cries out to God for help in those moments loaded with desire, surrender and humility.
Whereas The Logos is the very "Light" of the answered prayer. The Logos is the tangibly felt Love of God. He is the response to your cry, the unwavering presence that reveals 'you have been heard', and welcomes you into his loving arms. The Logos is the sensation within you that causes you to cry with gratitude, humility and awe. His pure love strips away ignorance, leaving us in a state of openness, grace and tenderness.
The meeting of the Sophia and the Logos is felt within the soul, heart and body, as a prayer to God asking to be touched, and the returning sensation of God's Divine Love entering you! That is the Mystery – that is what we are calling for. This is what The Bridal Chamber Ritual invites us in, the calling forth from the very marrow of our bones, to be touched.
The Celebration of The Bridal Chamber is to affirm this Truth, your Truth that you too desire to be 'touched' and to open yourself to receive this Divine meeting within you.


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