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Holy Desire


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Holy Desire

Holy Desire

The Holy Desire prayer is an initiation to ignite the flames of the Holy Trinity (Womb, Heart and Soul) in honour of our victorious atonement with The Logos/God.  Arriving at the Altar of Desire we offer our weariness, despondency, doubts, dullness of being and aloneness to the altar of Love, knowing that it is only through the drenching of our souls with the Light/Love of The Logos that all human attributes of loss of Faith/Desire can be miraculously healed and transformed. For the masculine this quality is faith, for the feminine this quality is desire.

We shall be working with the Sophian prayers to transmute all the weary warriors of Love.

Our scorching desire is to engage, claim and embody "Holy Desire". A quality that Mary Magdalene fully embodies - the unwavering, effervescent feminine principle of faith.  We shall harness our faith/desire to fully activate the threefold flame of Love, Power and Wisdom. To heal once and for all the feelings that we have been on a long and dark journey and the sense of exhaustion, loneliness, and profound disconnection as we step up to the table in our all our glory,  'knowing' that our desire is noble, victorious, honourable and eternal.

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