Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Path of Sophia

Holy Mind


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Holy Mind

Holy Mind

The Holy Mind prayer is an initiation into Truth and loyalty to that Truth. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our fears, confusion, doubts, worries, fragmentation,multiple aspects, duality, distractions and bleak despair to the altar of Love, knowing that it is only through the drenching of the Mind into the fires of pure Divine Love that all human attributes of the broken mind can be miraculously healed and transformed.

We shall be working with the Sophian prayers to transmute all fragmentation and distraction of mind.

Our scorching desire is to clear, embody, and remain loyal to a "Holy Mind". To heal once and for all our fragmentation, distractions, layers of self-doubt and confusion as we step up to the table in our all our glory and 'know' that our mind is clear, open, honourable and a servant of Love.


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