Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
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In Times of Sadness


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In Times of Sadness

New Moon

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In Times of Sadness

Since Paddy’s death, I have been spending precious time with Grief and learning more about it, especially in connection with the body. Sadness and grief are the emotions associated with the Lungs and Large Intestine, and did you know that grief is most active during the Autumn/Fall season 

During this New Moon transmission, we will travel deeply into the Lungs, bringing with us a prayer and petition for our grief to rise to the surface to be healed. Using this precious sacred time, we shall give ourselves permission to hibernate as we build back our energy and process our grief in reverence for having loved. Restoration is not something that comes with sleep or lying down, restoration is a renewal of energy that can only come because the old energy has been released. Even years after a loved one’s death, grief can resurface and make for some sad, tear-filled days. It can come when it’s expected, like a birthday or anniversary, or it can sneak up unannounced when you hear the first few notes of a favourite song on the radio.

Through this healing, we’ll reach in and get underneath all the surface sorrows and sadnesses that arise during the day - to come into contact with the deeper currents of our heartbreak. It is an immense gift to partake in this work. A lessening of the load that we all carry. Grief work always propels us on to fresher pastures, so we can grow immensely on our path of self-cultivation. Do you feel its time to turn in and become more intimate with your grief? To not feel so alone, as a tried and trusted voice leads you to where the most important part of yourself waits patiently for your willingness to mourn?

You will receive a PDF and Spoken Audio file by Anaiya Sophia on the day of the transmission.



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