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Kiss of the Crone

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Kiss of the Crone

Ooo beloved friends... on this Full Moon let’s meet the Crone. With great respect and pounding heart lets walk into the dark embrace of a cave, to meet a fully palpable, utterly undeniable fully-fledged Crone and receive her deep and penetrating Kiss of Gnosis… (I am sweating just writing this…)
As I approach the menopause a great well of wisdom is opening, and She is there hungry to transmit her gnosis. Just like the Grail Legends of the Loathly Lady - the Crone will always wish to get up close and personal. Only the innocent of heart can truly know her.
It takes time beloved friends to rid ourselves of conditioning and the aching chasm that separates the crone from our 'beautiful' acceptance.
The Crone brings otherwordly power, indifference to vanity, sacred rage, 'don't give a fuck-ness' and the key to womanly wilderness.
Lets meet her on the Full Moon...
I record these transmissions just hours before they are due to be received - so expect your "Red Pill" to arrive in your inbox the morning of the transmission.

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