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Magdalene II: Envisioning The Return Of Her Light Power


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Magdalene II:  Envisioning The Return Of Her Light Power

New Moon

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Magdalene II: Envisioning The Return Of Her Light Power

Let’s gather on the third day of the New Year as the first New Moon comes to pass. Beginning immediately with high-level work, let’s envision the Return of Her Light Power as she takes the Holy Seat in Rome, and sits as Holy Mother, and the Bishopess of Rome with all Her Aeons emanating from the centre of Europe into the farthest corner of the farthest universe.  Join me as we experience Magdalene II move forward into reaccepting the role as Spiritual Leader the one who co-established the early Christian Church and all its practices.

Let us ‘see/feel/hear and sense’ the Vatican as Mary would have it, and the men and women of the clergy reflective of her own heart.  It has been foreseen that a woman will enter the Vatican as sovereign Wife of Christ and powerfully swerve the Christian Tradition toward its original roots. Sense the surrounding Aeons informing and strengthening the Popess’s natural virtues. 

Envisioning with a group of people can absolutely bring something into form. There is often ‘talk’ of the 13th Aeon, something that is yet to exist.  Is it this?  Is it Her Absolute Intact and Fully Whole Light Power upon the Earth and all places? 

I think so. 

Mary Magdalene, as we know was being informed and steered by Sophia, Holy Wisdom.  For those of us on this path, our work is the very same. As we retrieve Wisdom, so the Light in the World brightens. 

This transmission will open you to insights and pure knowings of the step-by-step process of Her life, Death, Dishonour and Reclamation. The very path that stands before us. To recognise the Path is to light the path, to light the path, is to proclaim our acceptance of it. 

Magdalene II will not be a reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, or any other Mary.  She will be, as they were, a likeness of Sophia. 

I find it interesting that on BBC News recently the newsreader accidentally announced the death of the Pope. And how the world TV stations made ‘news’ of that.

Something is afoot.

The transmission time is one hour and happens live on Zoom.  There is also a Replay that you can listen to afterwards and is yours to keep. 


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