Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Ancient Alchemy

Opening the Door


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Opening the Door

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Opening the Door

There is a doorway inside of us that leads to authentic empowerment. Those with inauthentic power do not want you to find it, let alone open it up and see what's inside. Almost all of us are cowards, and would much rather prefer to give our power away than empower ourselves. I know, I have been one. Those of us who have been tormented by an abuser has been close to the door. This is the great gift of the abuser. You have to wrestle with giant fears to find that doorway and deny the death wish that threatens to make you numb.

Summoning all your will you lurch towards the door handle with both hands. Only your true sovereign essence opens the door - no imposters past this point. With a clean and wide inhale you want Truth more than anything. Nothing can deter you now. Filled with inspiritus, you are ready to face the screaming pain within your soul after aeons of not booting open the door. 

You want Truth. You want God. You want Self.  And whatever is behind that door, you will be responsible for. As soon as you taste that wildfire... all false systems of power wither and die.

 This transmission is taken from the story of Bluebeard, and the forbidden door that stands before our empowerment and full realisation. This transmission would serve as a supportive guide towards that which you fear the most, and the bravery needed to confront it.  A human voice, escorting you through the unknown territory, past the threats and condemnations of the predator, towards that which is rightfully yours. 


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