Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Path of Sophia

The Holy Bride


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The Holy Bride

The Holy Bride

There is a need for a Divine Feminine influence and power of womanhood in the world today.  This transmission is one stream of consciousness among many proclaiming the Mother Spirit and Holy Bride and coequality of women and men in the Christ Spirit.

This transmission will touch the holy place within that resonates to the Path of Magdalene and the longing of Sacred Union with her Beloved.  Especially on this day we shall we working with the elements of Holy Desire and Ecstatic Rapture, opening the gateway for the divine presence of the Holy Bride to enter your being and reawaken your Christos Soul.

This transmission is in honour and in support of the awakening of the Sophia, the Holy Mother and Bride, in all women.  On this day we shall be in a sacred site dedicated to Mary Magdalene in Southern France. 


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