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Return to Darkness


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Return to Darkness

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Return to Darkness

This transmission is a journey into darkness, either with our eyes closed or blindfolded or in the bath with no light. It’s an exercise to see the darkness as a living field of healing potential. Our work is to foster positive associations with the dark. With a darkness transmission, the goal is to see darkness as less of a negative space and more as a restorative and reflective one. Work on fostering some positive associations with the darkness that will allow us to fully experience the transmission, and what this transmission could open to.

  • Many people who practice darkness meditation feel darkness contains a lot of energy. As the womb is dark, we are born from a place of darkness. Instead of thinking of darkness as blank space, think of it as a source of life.
  • People often think of darkness as a base as well. In some religious traditions, darkness is thought of as what lies under all creation. Everything else is added to darkness. This can be helpful with darkness meditation as we can think of darkness as a base to which we can add reflection and insight.      
  • This transmission would bring us into the darkness within us and around us and see this 'anti-matter' as a potential wisdom source.  The substance that leads to the known, unknown.
  • This transmission opens us to gnosis.  Preparing the mind to open to contemplative and abstract thought. 
  • Darkness is often seen as a living presence, the same as Light being understood to be the living presence of God.  Darkness is understood by the Gnostics to be the living presence of SOPHIA, or the Mystery.

Whatever we have previously thought or experienced darkness to be, this will be more than we first imagined...


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