Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Winter Solstice

The Hieros Gamos

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Full Moon
Saturday 22nd December, 2018

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The Hieros Gamos

(Live from Rosslyn Chapel)

During the Winter Solstice (and my birthday) I will be visiting Rosslyn Chapel and for me, there is no other perfect place to record the Hieros Gamos transmission, fresh from the grounds of one of the most potent Grail sites in the world. Famous for its role in the Da Vinci Code, and also resting place of the Knights Templar.

HIEROS GAMOS is Greek for "sacred marriage," and is a term for the mythical sexual union between a god and a goddess, or a King and a Queen. However today, in our language this would be between the Divine Being and the Human Being. This is the ultimate complete full body mind soul explosion and implosion into another, that catapults us both into the lap of God or the Infinite White Light.
Some of us carry the codes for Hieros Gamos, for it is woven into our soul. It is an inevitability that we will one day come to experience it once again. But for now, let us recreate the energetics necessary and needed for such an incomprehensible encounter.
During this transmission, we will go through the steps and stages that re-wire the body/mind/soul for the higher more expanded voltage and frequency. We will learn to merge our Light and Dark Rivers, seamlessly fuse our inner and outer realities, and ignite the kind of longing that the All, cannot help, but obey…
Every single part of us has to long and tremble for the touch and merging with the Beloved. In our fast-paced, overstimulated mind-driven world we can often 'forget' to drop into the body's landscape of sensing and expanding. Our western world positively insists on individuality, self-sustainment and emotional isolation - qualities that do not attract the Beloved. For the Beloved requires worship, devotion, wildness and Joy.



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