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Three Nights of Mystery: Sacred Vigil


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Three Nights of Mystery:  Sacred Vigil

Starting All Hallows Eve:

October 30th, 31st & November 1st

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Three Nights of Mystery: Sacred Vigil

For three powerful nights, let's enter a vigil, to be impeccably present in the deepest prayer imaginable as we witness and be accountable to everything both inner and outer during this escalating time. 

Let us summon these dark nights, 30th, 31st & the 1st November when the veil between matter and spirit is the thinnest to bring the level of illumination that we so desperately need. Now is the time to show up more fully in this twilight kingdom, asking for some very genuine assistance and wisdom. If we can get very quiet, very vast - perhaps we may be able to help ourselves and others reach for more ways to become truer, more real, more equipped and more capable of transversing what is coming our way. 

This Full Moon brings yet another turning point, and of course, is the last days before the US election. Let's reach across into the 'Otherside' for real palpable assistance from our allies and well-wishers. Please join with me, friends, full disclosure of how, what, where and when - in the coming days.

I suspect that over the course of this weekend we will be with an even greater feeling of 'something's about to happen!'. Usually, this feeling is welcomed this time of the year, many of us seeking out ghosts stories, horror movies, trick and treating and/or having a dabble with the occult. But this weekend, this tradition may bear no fruit, as the Real Thing is palpably here. The last time we had a Full Moon on Halloween was in 1944, the time of Second World War. It seems that in every country and every continent the dead are rising. Ancient enemies and age-old feuds are beginning to appear, sending haunting chills down our spine with the promise of war, reprisals and vengeance. Things we buried centuries ago in caskets with nailed lids are stirring and clawing their way to the surface.

Our old enemies from antiquity have returned.

In our first night of mystery let us go consciously. Permit the crocodile to spiral us down deep into the abyss with heart and eyes wide open. Not as some limp and helpless soul, but one, who is curious to see - where does this all really lead?

Descending past all our fears, real and imagined, keeping a steady breath and a trusting heart - we meet the Dark Shepherdess. One who is willing, and one who does anyway, search for every single lost and wandering soul - to be shepherded home, along with the virtuous ones. The mind will want to snap, instead, let's receive the illumination that can only come in a place as dark as this, and as paradoxical as this. I cannot say more - as this would spoil the moment, this journey has to be received in all its tenderness and originality.


If this is something you can light a candle to - then please join me.


Each day we will receive a spoken transmission with guidance on how to work and hold this container.  We will also have a group page to share and understand one another's wisdom. 


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