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Rose Line

The Throne of Isis


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The Throne of Isis

The Throne of Isis

The Throne of Isis is an ancient stone seat embedded in the earth and surrounded by what can only be described as a “Lord of the Rings” enchanted forest.  Situated high above the remains of an old Roman Spa town (now known as Rennes les Bains) is the Throne of Isis. It is reputed to be an Initiatory Seat of Power for the Mystery School of Isis.  Every year hundreds of men and women flock to this spot praying to receive wisdom, healing and initiation into the Feminine “Way”.

Because you ‘sit’ on the throne, I feel that this sacred site is connected with fertility, sexuality and womb wisdom.  Historically, Rennes les Bains is officially marked on The Rose Line (Paris Meridian) a time/energy line that runs through St Sulpice in Paris, all the down to the region's holy mountain, Mt Bugarach. 

The Throne of Isis is also situated within the Pentagram as discovered by Henry Lincoln in Holy Blood, Holy Grail.  This is a mystical portal mapped out into the land surrounding Rennes les Chateau by five mountainous peaks.  Many of us in the region call this pentagram The Venus Temple, with its epicentre at La Pique (the Venus Temple transmission)

Friday 13th is known as the Day of the Goddess, a potent day in the calendar to  initiate feminine work and wisdom.


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