Gnostic Mind Transmissions:
Spark of Light

Touch of Gnosis


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Touch of Gnosis

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Touch of Gnosis

Where we live is known as the Venus Pentagram, The Zone or the Other World. Ite geometric design and tectonic energy create a living, breathing Eden, a utopia that streams with Venusian power. It is no wonder that Mary Magdalene came to these lands, to continue to share the message born in the Holy Land. This region was the perfect place to install and magnify the Cathar Faith, and the Rituale of the Laying Of Hands. The Parfaits were able to pass the Spark of Light the touch of gnosis to those asking for Consolumentum. This transmission is to bring you into the sacred space, and resonance, where such a meeting could take place, or at least, trigger an actual event, that brings this to you.


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