Gnostic Mind Transmissions:

The Book of Love


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The Book of Love

Magdalene's Feast Day

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The Book of Love

Join many of us on Mary Magdalene's Feast Day for a transmission bursting with grace! The Book of Love is a gospel written by Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, that travelled to France with Mary when she arrived here shortly after the crucifixion. Within its pages, the handwritten words come to life revealing, The Way of Love, the Greatness of God and the Wisdom of Sophia. Their cherished and intimate togetherness can be seen and felt upon reading, or rather, receiving the words. The Book of Love was once in the possession of the Cathars, along with the Veil of Veronica, and Holy Grail, together these were the blessed ‘tools’ that initiated the holy men and women of this faith.

The Book of Love, my dearest friends, has never been found. Veronica’s Veil was returned to the Holy Land, whereas the Grail and The Book of Love continue to rest in their hiding place. But as for the Book of Love, well, it has been said that it rests here, at Les Contes in the French Pyrenees. Hidden somewhere within the green craggy folds of our Spring, where once a little girl drank from the Grail, ensuring her awakening…


You will receive an audio file and PDF on the day of the transmission that is yours to keep.



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