Gnostic Mind

HIEROS GAMOS, is Greek for "sacred marriage," and is a term for a mythical sexual union between a god and a goddess, or a King and a Queen. However today,…


Return to Darkness

This transmission is a journey into darkness, either with our eyes closed or blindfolded or in the bath with no light. It’s an exercise to see the darkness as a…


Calling In the Sacred Masculine

During the portal that is Magdalene's Feast Day, join with me to pray over a beloved for the Calling In of the Sacred Masculine. When a woman deeply and sincerely…


Fierce Grace

This transmission is taken from the story of Bluebeard, and the forbidden Truth of who we are. This transmission is the seeing and allowing in of what stand before us.…


Opening the Door

There is a doorway inside of us that leads to authentic empowerment. Those with inauthentic power do not want you to find it, let alone open it up and see…


In the Beginning

The Descent - The Fall from Grace

The Rose Knight - Birth of a Mary


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