Holy Body

Coming of Age: The Next Generation

We are the next generation of spiritual directors, healers, miracle-workers, prophets, speakers of Truth, scribes and elders, and we have one of the greatest opportunities ahead of us. During this…


The Pools of Black Light

Join us in this emanation in the darkness of your bath. In ancient times the Temples featured a central pool in which one would bathe at night under the stars.…


Loving Truth of These Times

The Lion’s Gate Portal will open starting July 26th and will close on August 12th, but 8/8 is the best day to work with this energy. On this night, Aletheia…


Auspicious Gaze of the Black Virgin

Join us in our chapel as we gaze into the face of the Black Virgin on the eve of this Full Moon. The beholding of the Dark Virgin is considered…


Dark Light of the Soul

Welcome to the second New Moon in April that brings powerful transcendent energies that have great potential to expand our higher hearts. It is a time of "immense Light…


In The Wake of Narcissism: A Touch of Kindness

After watching Tinder Swindler and then Bad Vegan, I felt drawn to open up a healing space for those who have been through this experience. On the 16th of…


Gospel of Mary 8 Week Course

Spiritual L' Amoury of the Divine Feminine

Wearing The Royal Garments of the Goddess Transmission Many of us have heard the term ‘The Armour of God’ and ‘Spiritual Warfare’, especially at this time. To me, this brings…


Full Moon Grail Ritual: Concoction 2022

Welcome to this Full Moon Grail Ritual. A series of practices based upon the Mary Tradition and their use of Anointing and Grail Rituals.  The Brewing of Concoction: 2022  …


Creation of Holy Oil

The December 4th Solar Eclipse is coming up quickly.  And there is a calling to make some good medicine at this time. As you are no doubt feeling,  we are…



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