Holy Body

Patchouli: I Forgive My Trespasses Against Me

During this transmission we will be taken to the root of our primal unrest.  The sacred gift of Patchouli is the grounded realisation of what causes all of our…


Myrrh: Holy Fire of the Shekinah

During this transmission, we will retrieve our wisdom of how these ancient elixirs have been used in ritual practices since time out of mind. Myrrh, in particular, has an incredible…


Angelica: Unspeakable Praise

A long, long time ago, there was an ancient tradition of women who worked with sacred oils for the highest good of All. These women were called Myrrhophores, also known…


Baptism of Fire

  Let us gather together this Summer Solstice, on the 21st June, a time when the Sun is at its most potent and illuminating! The Sun is the Light…


Activating the Inner Temple

During this transmission we will journey through and encourage our essence to map the ascending path of sexuality.  Touching base with all our sexual/rooted inner anatomy we will inform…


Shakti Rising

This transmission is a recorded video (and audio) of ‘How To’ activate and lift your Shakti essence up through your yoni/lingam, into your spine and out through the 3rd eye.…


Return of the Grail King

What a way to start 2019 by listening to the voice of the Return of the Grail King. This is also the title of my second book in the Pistis…


Voice of the Men-O-Pause

Beloved Friends, let this elixir of everything you need to hear, everything you need to feel and everything you need to know to be bestowed upon you.  For I…


Receiving the Heart of the Masculine

 How can we accept and welcome men when our own masculine principle is wounded? Part of this Journey is the manifestation of a genuine and restored masculine principle. This stage…


It's Not Wrong to Be a Boy

This is a reach out to any man that was once a boy...that was in anyway made or left to feel he was simply “wrong” for even being born…


Extra-Terrestrial Wound

The Extra-Terrestrial Wound carries a synthetic resonance of not being fully part of the human race. There is a feeling that we carry a genetic modification within our DNA that is…


Pulling the Plug on Patriarchy's Puppet

 It is important, really important for women to know that they can survive without dependence on parents or others so that she can express her heart, mind, body and soul. …



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