Holy Body

Taking the War Out of Man Transmission

We begin with a guided journey into the remembrance of The Temple and the receiving of the battle weary men as they returned home from war. As the transmission unfolds…


Union of Lilith and Eve

This is the activation to accompany the Magdalene Code transmission of the same title.


Sacred Creation

Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Masculine and Feminine The Priestess and the Priest worked together harmoniously to recreate Heaven on Earth. The Priest developed the IDEAS or…


Marriage to the Mystery

The Feast Day of the Holy Sophia is celebrated in the Gnostic Calendar on the 8th September. This day commemorates the 'descent of the Holy Sophia upon (within) Earth.It…


Twin Flames of the Ovaries

There are nine psycho-physical portals that guard and guide the awakening of a woman’s sacred sexual journey. This is the journey from the entrance of the yoni to the mystical…


The Holy Bride

There is a need for a Divine Feminine influence and power of womanhood in the world today. This transmission is one stream of consciousness among many proclaiming the Mother Spirit and Holy Bride and coequality of women and men in the Christ Spirit.


Divine Marriage

This transmission is to ‘transmit’ to you a gateway to experience palpable Divine Union in your body, heart, mind and soul.  By guiding your consciousness to receive and reach for the Divine Human Template, we enter the Bridal Chamber.


Divine Masculine

This transmission is for both genders.  It is a mystical gateway to discover and embody the template of the sacred masculine by using Yeshua as a model of the fusion of gentleness and power.

Reconnect with the Divine Father as infinite power, wisdom, mercy and justice.


Compassionate Womb

Compassionate Womb is a transmission known as The Rite of Anointment, a spoken ritual to cleanse the womb of all fragmentation and discordance. This transmission carries within its prayer the…


The Courts of Love

Join us for a month long alchemical adventure into Courtly Love, where we reverse the roles of our usual modern-day relationships in the name of exploration and ever-deepening intimacy.


Sophia Nigrans: The Radiant Darkness

The Christos Sophia transmissions invoke and communicate with the presence and power of the Holy Bride – the female emanation of the Christos, Christ the Sophia (Wisdom). The Holy Bride is known to have seven faces and three aspects; which are the Maiden of Light, the Mother of Royal Blood and the Lady of Radiant Darkness.


The Mother of Royal Blood

The Mother of Royal Blood is an aspect of the Sophia that ‘gives birth’ through the royal bloodline.  This aspect of her is part of the Blood Mysteries, an ancient practice of working with the womb, ovulation and menstrual cycle as a part of a woman’s (and man’s) spiritual path.



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