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Ancestral Non-Transference


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Ancestral Non-Transference

Ancestral Non-Transference

This is an inner Ritual to prevent the transference of ancestral traumas, traits and tendencies to your physical and non-physical off-spring. Part of the Womb Mysteries contains this powerful segment of work.  This Ritual can also be applied to off-spring that have already left the womb.

This is a powerful retrieval of your sovereign Womb Awakening. By taking on the sole responsibility of what has been passed to you, you will be engendered, by Grace, by a tremendous healing force.  This ritual cultivates the quality of consciousness that could prevent our offspring carrying the same ancestral traits and tendencies that we may be holding. Learning to tune into our womb and what be bring life to is our birthright. This kind of inner work can also filter out any distortions, contaminated influences and styles of delivery from all unclean sources. We need to be able to take waht is 'good' and discard the rest.

This ritual works on the 'mother' in us, and all that we are giving birth to. This includes our physical offspring (children) as well as our non-physical offspring (creative projects and our ability to pass on information). Our womb can go back in time to the point of insemmination and clean the transmission. By filtering the source of insemination from impurities and unchecked defunct dross, we can be free to brith clear and soverign beings and creations.


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