Holy Body Transmissions:
Magdalene Codes

Anointment of the Masculine


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Anointment of the Masculine

Anointment of the Masculine

Let us invite Mary Magdalene to reveal Her Full Self to us, in us. The story of Mary as outcast, sorrowful and repentant does not serve the glorious majesty of this heroic woman, and now archetype. This transmission is a gateway for us to feel the magnitude of Her transmission when She anointed Yeshua six days before Passover. During this transmission we will imagine and embody, Mary as His teacher, Mary as his Instructress, Mary as his Revealer of Gnosis.

This transmission will serve:

* The embodiment of the real Mary Magdalene into your life

* The awakening of your own ability to Initiate and Anoint

* The correction and realignment of the Feminine Principle as

* Revealer of Gnosis in your life

* The reclaiming of further Temple Codes from the Magdalene

* The ability to pass information through PistisSophia (Faith and Wisdom)

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