Holy Body Transmissions:
Wisdom of Trauma

Attaining Attunement & Coherence


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Attaining Attunement & Coherence

New Moon

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Attaining Attunement & Coherence

This NEW series of transmissions is coming through to assist us to heal in places we once imagined impossible. Trauma so often has no language to map or navigate it’s inner abode leaving us feeling at a loss in an already lonely and isolated place. I believe our current restrictions are placing an immense emphasis on an expansion that shall seek and retrieve such a language.

Attunement and coherence are the foundational qualities needed to release trauma.  It is essential to be able to reach a safe place on the inside, and that place be spacious and healing. We have to be able to tap into our nervous systems and regulate, self-soothe and balance. This transmission will guide us to discover these presences.  The result will be a massive release of energy, information, impressions, sensations and emotions. Our completion will be a sense of clarity, presence and embodiment.


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