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Awakening the Starfire

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Awakening the Starfire

Are you of Starfire blood?

This is not necessarily a Light or wonderful gift. It is often felt as a burden of great responsibility, often with the feeling you are being hunted down... because in many respects - you are.

On the Feast Day of the Holy Sophia, 8th September there shall be a transmission that shall speak into that, in a way that gives you the strength and power to do what this bloodline has no other choice but to ... be.

And that is Light...

In these recent days, Inanna brings forth the importance of healing the Mother/Daughter split during the month of September (Virgin). Unless this is genuinely healed, and a full union restored, women of the earth will be lost and unable to source from their origins. She, Inanna, has given instruction on how to do this.

The Starfire Bloodline is that of Inanna, Sophia, Eve, Isis, Mary... it is a female bloodline of awakened DNA since the beginning of time.

In ancient (and modern) times this blood has been ingested for its spiritual properties by the Priestly Elite, Kings and some may say, extra-terrestrial transgender angels. This bloodline has also been hunted down by the Forces of Anti Awakening in its many guises.

If you will feel whether this rings true for you, or not.

For those who feel this transmission - it is time to face this, and step into what and who you know yourself to BE.

You will receive a PDF and Audio Recording of this transmission, that is yours to listen to.


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