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Baptism of Fire


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Baptism of Fire

Summer Solstice

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Baptism of Fire


Let us gather together this Summer Solstice, on the 21st June, a time when the Sun is at its most potent and illuminating! The Sun is the Light Bringer, the Sacred Masculine, the Christ and the Revealer.
During this ancient portal, I would like to welcome those who have had their faith tarnished, or trodden upon by various circumstances. Within the Christian/Roman Catholic Church, in particular, there is a living presence of healing, consoling and goodness, that is not the sole ownership of any religion.
The Holy Spirit is a presence that is here amongst us, and various mystics throughout time, have done their best to reveal that to us. Some religions have laid claim to this force and attached a dogma to it - and so, when we walk away from religion, we can often turn our back on that once welcomed and cherished healing presence.
During this transmission, let's gather together in innocence as we reach to the Holy Spirit. Let us acknowledge any wounds that the church or any other form of religion may have afflicted upon us, that has resulted in us becoming disconnected from the comforting, consoling grace of this ever-present healing presence.
I will grieve and celebrate alongside you as you make that connection once again, or maybe for the first time in your life. 
When we realise just how close the Holy Spirit actually is, just how ready this presence is, to reveal itself as a felt and undeniable experience - you will never, ever feel alone again. 



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