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Birth of the White Rose Mystery School



Birth of the White Rose Mystery School

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Birth of the White Rose Mystery School

Join with us at this time, when the Grail window casts it's light upon the floor of the Notre Dame de Sophia, a Chapel in the French Pyrenees just under Montsegur.  Sitting within the radiance of this Light let us 'remember' the Grail we once carried, and connect with it once again. The Reunion of the Grail with the Carrier with the Grail, on 11:11 could be the Light of Remembrance we have been preparing for.

From this moment I undertake the responsibility of creating and establishing the White Rose Mystery School.

I myself have been through this process and it is astonishing the palpable quality of lasting light it creates.

This IS a turning point.

This will be a LIVE and Recorded Event


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