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Bless This Ground



Bless This Ground

FREE! - Autumn Equinox

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Bless This Ground


On this autumn equinox, we women are being summoned. We are being called by the Queen of the Otherworld to attend a Blessing of the Land Ceremony.

Women, hold the life-giving power of the earth itself. Let's join together at a certain time on a certain day and gather not just for the sake of our own well-being, but for the love of our threatened earth. On this day let's pilgrimage to our sacred spot, our place of sustenance and feel, deeply feel and commune with the soul of Gaia - and simply just BE with HER. With the practice of Sacred Body Awakening, there is a constellation where you enter the Otherworld. Following my Ancestral Celtic Blood, I will guide you into a Union with the land like no other. A ceremonial way to become the land of your choosing.

For this transmission I will provide a spoken audio file for us all to listen to as we lay down upon the earth on the same day, a day of quality light and dark - and bless the earth with the whole of our bodies. Register HERE for your audio file which will arrive by email on the 21st of September.


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