Holy Body Transmissions:
Christos Sophia

Church of Love


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Church of Love

Church of Love

This transmission (prayer & activation/renewal of vows) is in honor of the last of the Cathars who were burnt by the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church at Montsegur, France on 16th March 1244. There was however a prophecy that was left behind on that fateful day - that their Church of Love or Amor (the reverse of Roma) would return and the Book of Love, reopened. Their main understanding was that the Holy Grail was not a cup, but a process and that the purpose of life was to transform the human body into a worthy vehicle for the light of the Holy Spirit (Love) to reside.

On this special day we shall prepare and anoint ourselves to heal any painful memories associated with this event that can still arise, retrieve any lost parts of our soul linked to this time and these people, and to remember/renew our vows that we may taken to the Church of Love and the Christed Book of Love. We shall be working with prayers from the Gnostic/Cathar Lineage invoking the Holy Spirit and the Book of Love to reveal/remember our part/purpose in this legacy.


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