Holy Body Transmissions:
Magdalene Codes

Codes of Conception


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Codes of Conception

Codes of Conception

This transmission is for both genders. This work is based on the light conception technology of the Essenes and will (with grace) open the pathways for a the receiving of a child, or the ability to birth yourself, your partner or bring through embodied actions that surpass any understandings you may have of your own capacity.

For too long this wisdom has not flourished in the ways that it was designed to. This knowledge is our birthright, and is an aspect of the sacred feminine wisdom and our path to Embodied Divinity.

  • Activate your conception codes
  • Re-establish your relationship with the black velvet wisdom of the Mother Source
  • Learn how to pray with the womb (hara)
  • Connect and call to the soul of your child
  • Commune with the soul of your child (birthing energy) - walk the path of conception with them
  • Clear, heal and activate your 6th gate, the birthing ability to conceive at the highest level.
  • To commune with the Mother Source, presenting yourself as a Mother vessel for the highest incarnation you can birth
  • To be over-lighted by grace (physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally and soulfully) throughout the whole journey

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