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Coming of Age: The Next Generation


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Coming of Age:  The Next Generation

Autumn Equinox

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Coming of Age: The Next Generation

We are the next generation of spiritual directors, healers, miracle-workers, prophets, speakers of Truth, scribes and elders, and we have one of the greatest opportunities ahead of us. During this Autumn Equinox, let us set aside some sacred time to acknowledge our coming of age and the attainment of prominence, respectability, recognition, and maturity. There is hope in our generation. We are ripe and ready to answer our calling at this next level of service. We recognise our best days lie ahead as what is coming to us is mighty real and will require everything.

We know deep in our hearts what is coming and tonight is when we turn and face it as the union to which we belong. Our time and this time are intrinsically united.

On this night, we shall accept the responsibility that comes with these higher positions in society and realise now that we are currently in the place of those who once led us.

We were standing at the helm as trusted cornerstones and clear way-showers. Our predecessors honour our acceptance as we join a long line of Saints, Mystics and Holy Ones.


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