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Full Moon Grail Ritual: Concoction 2022


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Full Moon Grail Ritual:  Concoction 2022

Full Moon

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Full Moon Grail Ritual: Concoction 2022

Welcome to this Full Moon Grail Ritual.

A series of practices based upon the Mary Tradition and their use of Anointing and Grail Rituals. 

The Brewing of Concoction: 2022 
December’s long dark nights and cold frigid days bring the Moon’s annual cycle full circle. This Cold Moon is an ideal time to start concocting what we wish to bring to life. We’ve completed an entire trip around the sun, and now is a beautiful moment to focus on all the good things picking up pace and heading our way! This celestial Cold Moon encourages us to huddle together as we brew within our Grail, the potent seeds for 2022. 
This Long Night Moon rises during the "longest" nights of the year, shining above the horizon longer than any other moon.
So, the Goddess is with us! 
Working with the Five Seals Ritual we shall ascend to the seventh Heaven where we shall drop into our Grail precise and clear directives for 2022. All these practices are coming from a Gnostic Christian tradition, the very same path, as Jesus, Mary and the early Christians. 
This transmission has nothing to do with manifestation; instead, it carries the pure knowing - that this shall indeed be so.
This Live and Recorded Transmission will be yours to keep as an audio and PDF file.  




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