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The Courts of Love


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The Courts of Love

The Courts of Love

Join us for a month long alchemical adventure into Courtly Love, where we reverse the roles of our usual modern-day relationships in the name of exploration and ever-deepening intimacy.

Beginning on every New Moon let us ride the tides of the lunar wave into the energies of New Beginnings and Initiation into the Rites Fin Amor (fine love). Fin’Amor is a love refined by alchemy that touches both heart and mind simultaneously: it is the perfect love of a lover for his lady, who represents the feminine ideal. This love could also be erotic and encompass carnal desire.

Lets go back to the ritualistic roots of the great Mother goddess and re-discover the Laws of Love as laid out by the Courts of King Arthur, the prose of the Troubadours and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

When you sign up you will receive the basic understandings of the Laws of Love that the infernal couple would live by. There are 31 in total as well as the Brotherhood of Love codes of conduct -as the Knights drew tremendous strength from their fellow brothers.

You will also receive an initiatory guided audio that will expose you to the energy that is potent for us here in Puivert, Southern France - a well known and documented seat of power for The Courts of Love.

To support our journey I will also include yogic practises that open the feminine flows in the body, and also techniques to rest against whenever there are emotional tension and resistance as we push past our boundaries of Western conditioning and habitual behaviour.

During this cycle we can call woman to woman, man to man and couple to couple to see how we are all doing. There will also be group conference calls to link us all together.

In essence the Woman enhances her solar energies
: Life affirming, sustaining, generous, abundant, supportive, dynamic, initiating, warm, secure and consistent

Men enhances their lunar energies: Receptive, imaginative, sensory, emotional, artistic, other-wordly, in-tune and one with all life

The woman tests and challenges her man to reach his highest potential in physical prowess, sexual attraction, emotional intimacy, mental brilliance and soulful transparency - he literally becomes reborn into the fullness of his being "only" if he can accept the gauntlet laid before him

The man looks upon his woman as the Divine Feminine, Mother of Mercy, Lady of Radiant Darkness. She becomes his muse and absolute face of Love. She becomes the Mother of all Life.

If seems as if the women get the better card - this is not so. The woman MUST behold the trust that has been placed in her and she must do her very best to get in touch with her solar aspects and serve the becoming of her man.

Together the man and the woman spiral into the Infernal Couple - the ultimate Sacred Union of becoming the fullness of their Soul's Potential.

Join to sign up or message me - and I will send you the next step of the journey! x


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