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Creation of Holy Oil


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Creation of Holy Oil

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Creation of Holy Oil

The December 4th Solar Eclipse is coming up quickly.  And there is a calling to make some good medicine at this time. As you are no doubt feeling,  we are being challenged to open our minds, bodies and hearts further to the unexpected and the great unknown that is our new future.  And, of course being sure too remain soft and open to the surprise and wonder that is also running parallel to these world events. 

On this evening let's gather together for the ceremonial rite of making Holy Oil. These old rites were perfected by the ancient Egyptians, given to Moses, used by Jesus and the Apostles to thereby become part of the Sacraments of the Church. 

To "Sanctify" and to make a Sacrament is one of the most powerful gifts that resonate throughout the Mystical tradition of the early Christian Faith. To 

pray over for the sanctification of the oil for the grace of the Holy Spirit to work through that oil to sanctify and consecrate whatever it is used to anoint. 

It was these levels of oils that were used on the body and shroud of Jesus Christ in the tomb.

Let us intend to create Holy Oil for our family's health, peacefulness, and courage and those around us.To give us the resistance, compassion and wisdom that is so profoundly needed at this time. 


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