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Dark Light of the Soul


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Dark Light of the Soul

New Moon

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Dark Light of the Soul

Welcome to the second New Moon in April that brings powerful transcendent energies that have great potential to expand our higher hearts.

It is a time of "immense Light and also the potential for deep shadow... the best use of this astrology is to access new frontiers in our Unconscious. Which is precisely what this transmission opens us to.
The influence of this New Moon can help expand our capacity to feel, and open the gates to a full spectrum of emotions. Know that in feeling it all, we are widening our capacity to heal and overcome. Tears might flow more freely as they release and cleanse our hearts.
With all this in mind, I would like to share with you a body-based exploration of 'sitting in our synapses' as we consciously process information through the back body. This game-changing perspective facilitates a new awareness when processing overwhelming emotions, thoughts or events. By entering this 'dark' body-based perspective, we can learn to be in our synapses at times of overwhelm. The synapses are the small gaps between the neurons and the brain. The overload becomes significantly diminished when sitting in our synapses when receiving 'data' through the darkness of the back brain toward the brightness at the front.
This gentle and careful transmission will facilitate the 'how to' and the experiential time and space needed to integrate this profoundly restorative process. The Dark Light of the Soul is not only a metaphor, but the real level of being where we discover the ancient medicine for this time.



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