Holy Body Transmissions:
Christos Sophia

Divine Feminine


GBP £ 11.00

Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

Opening to the Esoteric Mysteries of the Divine Mother

This transmission is for both genders.  It is a mystical gateway to discover and embody:

  • The Divine Mother and the crucial counterpart as co-redemptrix, embodying fierceness and human vulnerability
  • The queen of the dark void, the shadow, destruction, of the dark night, of the mysteries of nature, tantra and of divine ferocity
  • Experience the Dark Feminine, the mystical fire of dissolution that brings about the alchemical rebirth
  • Transmute your fear and repression of the Dark feminine into deep reverence and respect
  • Experience deeper mystical gateways to connect with the Divine Mother
  • Understand the power of becoming the Bride of Christ on an archetypal level

Reconnect with the Divine Mother as the healing power of sacred relationship in a way that opens the portals to divine embodiment

When you register for the transmission you will receive a guided PDF file and audio. These transmissions once received in this way can be invoked as often as you require. This is an on-going process where revelations continue to be received.


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