Holy Body Transmissions:
Sacred Feminine

Embodying the Fecund Feminine Spirit


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Embodying the Fecund Feminine Spirit

Embodying the Fecund Feminine Spirit

Many years ago, a wild shaman whispered in my ear, “Nature shall remember Her own”. I shuddered, knowing and not knowing what he meant.  In that moment he connected me to the source of of that message, and I saw Her and felt Her.  

I have held back for all this time to speak this voice for fear of being judged.  The voice to the untrained ears may sound incredibly sexual and 'going too far'... this I believe is my conditioning.  NOW, Her voice must be spoken.  This energy is coming from the womb of nature and it wants to connect with the womb of woman.  This fecund and tantalising message  is a 'jump start' to the womb of women, as She re-members you. 

During this transmission we will meet the Fecund Feminine Spirit, not only as a healing natural persona, but as a glimpse into who you could be if you truly embodied Her. This transmission will bridge any gap we may have with the natural world. And we will need to be part of Nature should we be gifted the opportunity to remain here.


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