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Extra-Terrestrial Wound


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Extra-Terrestrial Wound

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Extra-Terrestrial Wound

The Extra-Terrestrial Wound carries a synthetic resonance of not being fully part of the human race. There is a feeling that we carry a genetic modification within our DNA that is of an extra-terrestrial origin. This transmission gifts us the time and space to safely delve into these mysteries within us, and reach out to embrace what ultimately must be embraced. The 'wound' is the running away, the denial, the cover-up and the judgment.  It is often said that those of us from the 'civilised' world are of extra-terrestrial descent.  

During this transmission, we will open to what I call the 'ancient aliens' that came in our past, and genetically modified our DNA.  Here, we will have our moment to commune and say what needs to be said, and listen to what needs to be told. 

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamt that all my ancestors and myself, travelled up high in a line of cars to meet with a Being who represented the Extra-Terrestrial intelligence that engineered our DNA with its own, some 200,000 years ago. I got a sense that this particular being (and others) were regretful at how far the power of our oath to work, toil and serve this extra-terrestrial race had panned out.

There was a mix of regret and concern, and the purpose of this transmission is for us to a) realise we may have made an oath and b) with compassion, authority and equality server our Oath with them.

What I understand is that this Oath is what not only holds the Matrix in place but more importantly keeps us locked in the loop of reincarnation. The Matrix with its cities, its infrastructure, serving those at the top whilst the 'worker bees' doing all the labour is based upon an Annunuki model that was presented to us all that time ago... and we have not stopped.

Until Now...

I believe the key to doing this well and cleanly is Compassion, Understanding and Equality. In my Inner World, these beings are reaching out to me with this message. There is no malice, no threat and no 'looking over their/my shoulder'... it is just time for us to know this. It is time for us to know what we have been doing, serving, and the role we have been playing. And that we have the choice to continue on, or stop.

But as I said, the key is Compassion. To understand there has been an error. And that we are showing up now, to take ownership of what we have agreed to, and to do our part to stop this reincarnating as worker bees, but to step out and into the unknown to really rediscover our vast unseen potential as something more than we currently know.

I believe they need us to do this, as they don't have the power to undo our Oath, only we do.

So, on this 11/11 Gateway, it is clear for me, what this "Extra-Terrestrial" transmission is based upon. It will provide the time and space to sever our Oath in Compassion and Authority with an alien intelligence that 'created' us 200,000 years ago.

The deeper implications of this realisation leave me realising there is no true representation of God on this planet. This white haired male god is one of them. The actual gods - are these extra-terrestrial Beings.  


And yet, the inner presence of God dwells even stronger because of this realisation...


It is my understanding, when this wound is healed we will be at peace and sovereign in our being. Whether we carry genuine and benevolent traits of extra-terrestrial intelligence, after the transmission this genetic code will not disturb us anymore, it will be felt and seen as an important gift and timely ally for our reason for being here right now. The flipside of this Oath, is that is has taken until now to be seen and severed, and this great step carries the hallmarks of an important turning point and catalyst.  


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