Holy Body Transmissions:

Fires of Beltane


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Fires of Beltane

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Fires of Beltane

Using the potency of Beltane, let's sincerely welcome IN the Notre Dame de Sophia and everything else you are birthing. This ancient Celtic festival is a celebration of fire, sensual, sexual and creative fire.  Sometimes called the Fires of Bel, in honour of the Celtic Sun god, Belenus, this frenzy of awakening has the power to cleanse, purify and increase fertility.  The Maiden Goddess has reached her fullness; abundant fertility spills onto the earth as all life becomes blessed.  Let's enact this ancient rite - for this transmission shall be like no other!

This transmission is just perfect for crossing the threshold of the Eve of Beltane, that magical gossamer-thin veil that straddles the worlds.  Let's slip sideways as we enter...


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