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Healing the Aborted Womb


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Healing the Aborted Womb

Healing the Aborted Womb

This transmission is for both genders. This work is coming from the lineage of Sophia and her prayers for forgiveness and conscious honouring of our actions. As well as covering the emotional trauma of abortion, miscarriage and still-birth, the energy of this transmission also works on the impluse to pull back from completion, abort creative projects, abandon commitments and sabotage your unfilled talents.  The moment you rise up in potential to then come crashing down because of fears; this 'collapse' drops down into the womb and hara and creates a dull, lifeless ache that over time births into the disbelief of oneself and one's ability. Let us use this time during this transmisison to bring LIGHT and PRESENCE into that aspect of us that likes to 'cry wolf!' and then run away.  

Since the beginning of human existence there have been various ways of aborting unwanted children, and/or losing children before full term.

In my opinion, I feel that these events are not emotionally met, recognized or given any after care. These events are handled in a soulless way that can often cause another unnecessary dark shadow over those involved.

In our modern day we face the morning after pill, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirths and induced abortion.

I would like to share with you some wisdom from the great Mother herself, how we can heal these unspoken wounds, and prepare us again, for accepting life, not only in our bellies, but also as an expression of the freedom within that we feel again. This transmission also brings evolutionary presence to our sabotaging behaviour.  Any form of 'abortion', from cutting short projects, abandoning ideas, rejecting your potential and/or pulling back from agreed visions and bursts of genius.  This is all this energy. 

For too long this sacred wisdom has been lost, like the Temples within which it was practised. This sacred and exquisitely honourable work includes the mother, father and soul of the child involved. This knowledge is our birthright, and is an aspect of the sacred feminine wisdom and our path to Embodied Divinity.

  • Heal all and any aspects of guilt, shame and regret
  • Honor the soul of your unwanted, lost child by facilitating a Rite of Passage
  • Commune with the womb memories of that day and lead up period
  • Ritualize this event by honoring all three aspects, mother, father and child
  • Accept and integrate the Mother energy that has been restored
  • Experience the Black Light, the mystical 'redeeming force' that brings a lasting healing balm

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